Better, More Productive Employees for Less Money?

How can you get better, more productive, more dedicated, harder working employees for less money? 

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility studies show people will work harder with better performance for 27% less pay for companies that have a "transcendent" mission/vision.

Why?  Because people want a job that has meaning, not just a place to earn a paycheck.  Here's more on the topic from the Freakonomics Podcast...

"Is Good Corporate Citizenship also Good for the Bottom Line?"

Complexity is your enemy?


Great Spirits...

Einstein might have had some challenges in his personal life, but his quotes are pretty incredible...

Opposite Day...

Part of my 101 Training, just a classic short video of Agile anti-patterns.  Thank you to Platinum Edge for creating this...

Stimulus and Response


Radical Transparency?

Sounds crazy?  It worked for a HUGELY successful hedge fund company!